About Libby

Visual Storyteller

I’m an engineer by day and a photo enthusiast every moment in between. Texas is where I call home. In my spare time you’ll find me hanging with my family, camera in hand. I’m all about documenting life in full COLOR. If I won the lottery, I’d spend my time traveling in a VW bus between water, desert, and Disney.

Favorite Things
  • Family. My everything. The end.
  • Color. Every part of my life is an artist’s pallet.
  • Beach life is a happy life.
  • Bubble baths all day every day.
  • FRIENDS: Monica is my spirit animal.
  • Happiest place on earth is Disney.
  • Crafting. Less is never more.
  • Cactus. Hard to handle, easy to care for, and pretty painted on anything.
  • Sunsets feed my soul.
  • Texas. Don’t mess with it.