I’m often asked by other moms how I learned to use my camera.  The answer is somewhat long, but I’ll try to make it brief.

I started out by reading books and doing research online.  I took a local photography class and watched a lot of online tutorials.  Soon, as luck would have it, I found out that a local photographer (Liz Labianca) was going to start teaching moms how to use their camera.  Perfect!  Sign me up!  I did one on one mentoring with Liz and her teaching style made everything “click” for me.

After that, its been a whirlwind of a journey.  I’ve taken tons of online courses from Clickin’ Moms, Milky Way, Chic Critique, Chubby Cheek Photography, Plural Site, and others that I’m surely forgetting.  I love to learn and grow, so I’m always looking for the next class to click my photography up a notch.

In addition, I’ve done in person editing mentoring with Missy Mayo who is a genius at organization and efficiency.  I’ve also made several friends along this journey that are always willing to share and lend a helping hand.

Other than that…I practice.  I shoot a lot.  All the time really.  I’m always learning and striving to get better.

Photo Credit: Snapberry Photographs


If you’re a mom like me and want to learn your fancy camera, here’s an easy way to start.  Click the link below and join the clickin moms community.  They have forums, tutorials, and lots of classes perfect for beginners and pros alike.

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