Bluebonnet Tradition

Hi,  I’m Libby!  Welcome to this little blog of mine.  I absolutely love documenting the days of my blue eyed babes with the help of my camera lens.  As a first blog post, I thought that it would be appropriate to post our annual bluebonnet photos.  After all, nothing says Texas like a field of bluebonnets, and we’re Texans.

Every year, it’s always a guess as to where the bluebonnets will pop up.  I mean, they are guaranteed to be thick along the sides of the highways, but that isn’t a very safe nor picturesque spot for photos.  And then there are the ever-elusive private properties that you don’t dare step foot on for fear of being shot…because Texas. Ha!

This year, my dad found us the perfect spot not far behind his house.  There were several patches, so it allowed us to chase the light, skip, have a dance party, and capture plenty of pretty pictures.


My little one was so excited to give her big sister the “puupil” flower that she picked.  An entire field of bluebonnets and the purple verbena excited her most.















We also took some time to show them the “cat’s claw” inside of the bluebonnet flower.  At which point they decided to take it upon themselves to scratch each other with the “cat’s claws.”


And finally, it wouldn’t be a Texas bluebonnet session without cowgirl boots.  How cute are those adorable little boots!?!  We wear them with everything.  If you are interested, here is where you can find their cute boots.



Until next year bluebonnets…


4 thoughts on “Bluebonnet Tradition”

  1. Oh I love these, you would want to share where you are? My field I usually go to looks like they are not coming this year. Would love to find a new spot, if you can share. Your work is beautiful and very inspiring!


    1. Thank you! These were taken several years ago on some private property in central Texas. I’m not sure if this property has blue bonnets on it anymore. It does seem like this year is going to be a little weaker than most. The lack of rain has created shorter blooms this year. I myself will be out hunting for a new location this year. Goodluck!


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