Halloween 2018

Every year for Halloween we try to think of a fun group costume.  (See previous years here.)  The girls have fun playing the part, and I have fun making the costumes and documenting it all.  I’ll be honest though, I do solicit the help of my family with these costumes on occasion.  We’ll chalk that up to a family bonding experience.

This year my oldest wanted to be Alice for Halloween.  My little one wanted to be a butterfly, so we had do some convincing to stick with a theme.  Luckily, it didn’t take much convincing.  As soon as we reminded her that the Cheshire Cat was PURPLE she was ALL IN!

This year’s location was quite the find!  With all of the rain that we’ve been having, my two first locations were completely under water!  However, it was meant to be because this location turned out better than I had imagined.

I give you…Alice in Wonderland.









Ghosts of Halloween’s Past

Halloween is such a fun time for our family.  What’s not to like?  Kids get to dress up and pretend,  I get to craft a costume, and everyone gets candy.  Then of course comes the…PICTURES.

As I was editing this year’s Halloween photos, it made me reflect on what we’ve done in previous years.  It was fun to run down memory lane and visit the ghosts of Halloween’s Past.  Here’s a small sampling of what we’ve done.  Happy Halloween!